There is one big advantage to having so much varied clinical experience – I can respond to my client’s where they are.

It’s only Tuesday and I’ve already had to wear many different hats:

–         A client who is in a high-conflict divorce who came to me because they were having debilitating panic attacks and couldn’t leave the house alone. Two months later and we are talking ‘dating safely’ and getting their new business off the ground.

–         A client who came to me because of serious family issues from childhood, which had resulted in them making really bad relationship choices. This week we were dealing with their feelings of ‘lack of motivation’ because they now have a great job, a new (healthy) relationship, are living in the country of their dreams, and yet just can’t get used to the lack of adrenaline that came from running towards ‘the next goal’ to feel safe.

–         A client who was feeling ashamed and overwhelmed that after taking the plunge to ‘go it alone’ is now having to wind down their business as it isn’t covering living costs. Helping them reframe their experience and look for ways to keep the forward momentum going.

–         A client who is learning how to use their voice, body, and energy to their best ability so that they can exude confidence in their international workplace.

–         A client that is dealing with a highly toxic workplace where the Team Leader is beyond damaging to the organisation’s function. Helping them see that leaving a ‘dream/nightmare’ post is not the end of a career.

–         A client who is preparing to exit a very abusive marriage and is now terrified as they begin to appreciate the full extent of the ongoing psychological and emotional aggression they have faced and how difficult detachment is going to be.

Oh, and don’t forgot, my always hats of – mum, partner, multiple pet owner, and business owner.

It’s only Tuesday yeah?

PS rest of week involves writing, presenting, marketing, hypnosis, coaching, and remembering to eat 🙂

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