There are times when we all need some 1 to 1 support. That’s where RAISE 1 to 1 comes in.

If you have found that things are becoming a bit challenging and that it would be a good idea to talk things through, then we suggest you get in touch so you can get the benefit of individualised psychological insight and intervention.

Therapy is a great way to process emotions, gain insight into yourself and your relationships, and work towards positive change. It can help you better understand yourself and why you think, feel, and act the way you do. It can also help you develop coping skills for difficult situations or stressors in your life.

By talking to an experienced therapist, you can learn how to manage any underlying issues that may be causing distress or preventing personal growth.

Through therapy, individuals can gain a new perspective on their lives and work towards creating meaningful changes that will lead to greater satisfaction.

Where shouId I start?

The best place to start is with a call. The best time to call is now.

It can be scary taking that first step, but without that first step you can’t get the life you want. 

Still not quite ready to get in touch?

You can begin your well-being journey with Dr. Anne’s book The Tiger Survival Guide to Anxiety. Available on Amazon to download today