Well-being is Freedom

We all value our health and happiness, but time is short and we can struggle to know where to begin. My Freedom To Thrive has created the RAISE program to help you prioritise your well-being. With our unique colour pathway, you can take control of those well-being areas that need your attention. With RAISE, you can begin those small, daily changes for your wonderful life of possiblity.

RAISE Yourself 

At My Freedom To Thrive, we have a RAISE program designed for you. Welcome to our easily accessible, online psychological platform tailored to meet your individual needs. Take control of your well-being and get on with enjoying your life.

RAISE PRO helping professionals and organisations help themselves

Perform at your best, whilst enjoying your life.

Protect your greatest asset, employee well-being.

Work together to be successful.

I felt much better to be in control and see it for what it is… wouldn’t have been able to handle it like this without your help the last few weeks.

Chair, Multigenerational Business, UK

Take back control of your life

Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you have all the necessary tools and resources to manage your well-being in a way that allows you to enjoy your personal and professional life.

RAISE LAW turning the tide on lawyer burn-out.

Balance work and home life.

Protect your boundaries and professionalism.

Prioritise your wellness everyday.

Just did the breathing exercises in your My Freedom to Thrive video.

It’s great and I can see me coming back to it regularly.

Head of Family Law, Scotland

Our mission and vision

At My Freedom To Thrive we are obsessed with well-being.

We want to make sure everyone has access to the ‘right’ well-being information. We want to see a world filled with successful professionals and organisations. We want to make sure wherever you are and whoever you are, you can take enjoy a healthy, happy life. Health starts with each one of us, and at My Freedom To Thrive we are the well-being revolution.

RAISE DIVORCE freedom from Difficult Divorce.

You need the best resources to get the best result.

Work with us and start living again.

Prioritise your wellness everyday.

Dr Anne has helped several of my clients recently, all of whom have benefitted hugely from her input. A client today reported that she thought that Dr Anne was “brilliant.”

Legal 500: Solicitor. High Net Worth Specialist Divorce & Family Solicitor (20 years+)

Barriers to seeking psychological help for professional women

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Therapy: isn’t it best to just ignore the problem?

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The cult of domestic violence – escaping domestic violence 

Cult mentality and being mesmerised The more I work therapeutically with victims of prolonged, domestic violence, the more I see the similarities in the type of work I do and that of the de-programming necessary after cult membership. It is not that the abused...

Dark Source: psychopaths alive and kicking in the workplace

Usually when I get a request about 'workplace' issues, it goes something like this. The client is very nice, very composed, very professional, and just a little bit shy. Their preamble begins: 'I'm a bit uneasy about this person at work but I can't quite put my finger...

Confidential & Secure

We understand that your well-being can be an extremely sensitive issue, so we take our responsibility very seriously. We guarantee complete confidentiality and security of all your personal data as well as complete discretion throughout the entire process.

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