How you answer this question is a good indicator of your outcome in therapy.

If you answer:

1. I would wait for someone to ‘give me‘ the answer

2. I would wait for the professionals to take ‘reponsibility

3. I would wait until ‘I have permission‘ to selfcare

4. I would wait for the therapist ‘to heal me

5. I would wait until the ‘perfect‘ moment to begin

Your outcome is going to be MEH at best. You will be stuck spinning your wheels, waiting for others to act, getting angry because they don’t work to your timetable, and screaming at the universse because it’s all so unfair.

Here’s the bitter pill of truth, you aren’t the main priority to anyone except yourself. Change starts in you, without entititled excuses, without childish evasion, and with your full acceptance that the responsibility is yours, and yours alone.

The only way to create true therapeutic motion, to have the mental attitude you need entering therapy, is to follow the personal, heartfelt mantra: ‘Give me reponsibility, I have permission to heal me. Perfect!’