Is this a Difficult Divorce?

Difficult Divorces are an especially emotional process, but sometimes it can be hard to know if you are in this challenging situation.

To help you evaluate your divorce process, here are some questions to ask yourself that can help you determine if your divorce is more complex than usual.

By asking yourself these questions, you can gain clarity on the situation and make informed decisions about how to proceed.

How long have you been in the divorce process?

The average divorce takes around 12 months. If your divorce is taking longer, this may be a sign that you need our specialist support. 

Have you been unable to reach a settlement in Mediation?

Difficult Individuals are unlikely reach an agreement through Mediation processes.

Has your ex-partner shown a lack of willingness to compromise during negotiations?

Difficult Individuals are not motivated to reach agreements and are unlikely to be guided by the concept of ‘fairness’.

Does your ex-partner have a history of reneging on agreements?

Difficult Individuals frequently pull out of negotiated agreements at the last moment.

Does your ex-partner have a history of deception?

Difficult Individuals regularly lie, evade, and deflect responsibility. If you are aware of these types of behaviours having been present in your prior relationship, this is a strong indicator that they will use these tactics during the divorce process.

Do you know or suspect that your ex-partner has not fully disclosed financial information?

Full and frank disclosure of all financial information is a legal requirement of the divorce process. Difficult Individuals will often attempt to hide, delay, or manipulate their financial disclosures.

Would you describe your ex-partner as competitive?

Difficult Individuals are highly competitive and view every interaction as an opportunity to display dominance.

If you have answered ‘yes’ to many of these questions and have been unsuccessful in taking your divorce negotiations forward so far, we recommend that you get in touch with us.

During our free 30 minute Enquiry Call  we can discuss how we can best you.