Today I was discussing my hypnotherapy work with a struggling lady. Like most potential clients she wasn’t really sure if it was for her and wanted to know more about it. No easy task I can assure you.

It is really hard to get across to clients that of all the therapeutic work I do, this is my ‘Gold Standard’. This is the process that brings my 30 years of Psychology expertise into its own.

The truth is if I could get all my clients to sign up straight away for this type of intervention work, I would be a happy therapist as clients would get the most emotional improvements in the shortest time possible.

Whether it be childhood trauma, grief, chronic health conditions, or relationship problems, I have seen excellent results in all my clients using trance as a means to access the root of their suffering.

Sometimes, though it’s easier to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, so instead of trying to explain how I felt about the process, I sent her the below link to where a couple of my previous client’s kindly agreed to go on camera and talk about their experiences working with me.

If you have doubts about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy, why not have a watch?