Destructive relationships and high-conflict divorce

I specialise in intensive psychological and hypnotherapeutic services for clients who are:

exiting destructive relationships and/or surviving high-conflict divorce.

Due to the negative nature of their relationship experiences, I often think of my work with my clients as being three-pronged, centering on:

Relationship, trauma and anxiety-based issues

As the majority of my clients have been in highly destructive and often abusive relationships, it is not uncommon for them to initially present with the severe physical complaints typical of anxiety disorders and trauma-based PSTD.

  • sleeplessness
  • apetite disturbance (eating to little or too much)
  • confusion
  • panic attacks
  • intrusive thoughts
  • low mood
  • weepinness

What I aim to do

Much of my initial work is to quickly alleviate these symptoms, so that my clients can begin to make sense of what has happened to them and activate their problem-solving abilities: high-levels of fear significantly disrupts the cognitive skills needed to move forward. 

My overall aim is to educate my clients about what has been done to them, what behaviours they need to develop so they can better protect themselves in the future, and ultimately set them on the path to planning for a healthy future: their freedom to thrive