Red flags: Am I crazy? Is this normal? I am accustomed to having clients ask me these questions. I almost sit waiting for the moment they blurt them out. They usually come out in a rush, followed by a look of undiluted panic as the individual […]
Este año ha sido, como mínimo, peculiar. Como individuos, sociedades y naciones, nos enfrentamos en una época de cambios e inseguridad sin precedentes. A medida que la pandemia se ha extendido por el mundo, nos hemos enfrentado a cambios en lo personal, lo profesional y lo […]
Who would you rather get involved with? A Narcissist or a Covert Aggressive Narcissism is one of those terms that seem to be everywhere nowadays. Any bad relationship and one party is accusing the other of this type of personality disorder. But it must be stressed, […]