About Dr. Anne

If you are looking for support to help exit a destructive relationship or now find yourself in a high conflict divorce situation, it may feel like no-one seems to really ‘get what you are saying‘. Your situation can be incredibly frightening and confusing, especially when you feel like you are facing it all alone.

I know because I lived through the same thing with the breakdown of my own marriage. 

That’s why I now specialise in this field, so I can use my personal experience along with my nearly 30 years of working as a Psychologist to help my clients get through this extremely challenging time. I simply don’t want them to struggle alone as I and many others have. 

But trusting someone to support you in a difficult time is not something to undertake lightly, so firstly I’d like to introduce myself more fully to you. To this, I would like to send you my 3 day series of emails, in which I will share:

  • something of my history and how it impacted on my work
  • give you a brief overview of how I now work, with some examples of the client’s I have helped
  • provide an outline of what I hope to provide my clients as we work together.

If you think you would like to find out more, simply fill in your email address in the box below and then look out for my messages arriving in your in-box.

Smiles. Dr. Anne